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What’s covered?

Based on the product you purchased (auto part/tool/accessory, jewelry, watch, etc.) and that product’s condition (new or used), the coverage and term vary. Examples of coverage include: 

  • Appliances: Mechanical failures 
  • Baby products: Mechanical failures 
  • Auto parts/tools/accessories: Mechanical and electrical failures.
  • Consumer electronics: Mechanical failures. 
    • Smart watches
    • Portable electronics
    • Cameras
    • Peripherals
    • Desktop and laptop computers
    • Gaming systems
    • Home theater systems
    • Video games
    • Much more
  • Home & Garden: Mechanical failures and product defects.
  • Jewelry: Pearl restringing, clasp and chain, gouges and scratches, soldering, re-tipping of prongs and resetting stones.
  • Musical instruments: Mechanical failures 
  • Sporting goods: Mechanical failures 
  • Watches under $500 Retail Cost: Water damage from items rated as waterproof.
  • Watches over $500 Retail Cost: Broken cases, bracelets, bands or clasps, and movements.

  • Please refer to your Terms and Conditions.

    What isn't covered?

    You’ll need to refer to the Terms and Conditions for our full list of exclusions and conditions, but below are some examples of items that aren’t covered: 

  • Products which are consumer replaceable in nature like belts (basically anything that you would need to replace yourself in due time)
  • Defects that existed prior to the purchase of the protection plan
  • Problems related to improper installation or repair 
  • Items sold as-is or any cosmetic damages
  • Loss of primary stone or ring sizing 
  • Products that have been used for commercial / business purposes
  • Batteries, crystals (for watches under $500), and counterfeit products.

    In addition, generators over $2,000 retail cost and lawnmowers, musical instruments, sporting goods, watches, consumer electronics, baby products, appliances and grills over $500 retail cost are not eligible for coverage. 

    When does my coverage start?

    Assurant Protection Plan coverage goes into effect immediately after purchase, unless the product is sold with a valid manufacturers warranty. Refer to your proof of purchase for actual coverage start and end dates. 


    How do I file a claim?

    Filing a claim is simple:  

    1. Register for an account if you haven't already, then log in to the customer portal.
    2. Select the item you need to file a claim for from your Plans listing.
    3. Enter your item’s purchase price as ‘Item Price,’ describe it in the ‘Product Description’ (feel free to give the plan a nickname if that’s helpful to keep track), click ‘Save Information.‘
    4. Click ‘Upload Receipt’ to upload a screenshot of your eBay order confirmation as proof of purchase.
    5. Click ‘File a claim,’ select the date your item failed, tell us a little about what happened, and click 'Submit.'

    What happens after I submit my claim?

    It depends on the type of product and the value. For some products, we’ll provide you with an eBay gift card or a check equal to the retail cost of the item, subject to the plan limit of liability. For other products, we’ll send you a label to have your product sent in for repair. In some instances (primarily expensive auto parts such as engines and transmissions), we may need to send a member of our team on-site to inspect the product before determining how to proceed. Regardless of how your claim is handled, we’ll notify you of the next steps and what to expect after you file a claim.

    Once the product is replaced with a new or refurbished one or a reimbursement is issued, the service plan will be fulfilled. All further obligations will be canceled and discharged. If you would like coverage on your new replacement, you’ll need to purchase a new protection plan for it.



    Why do I need Proof of Purchase?

    Your Proof of Purchase is required to file and complete a claim. The eBay order confirmation e-mail of your product is considered a proof of purchase. Make sure to keep this e-mail as your receipt. Once you register for an account, you can upload the receipt and it will be saved in your dashboard.  

    How do I upload my receipt?

    Since you purchased your product online, just take a screenshot of your purchase confirmation email from eBay – or confirmation screen on the eBay site – and upload it to the appropriate plan. Don’t know how to take a screenshot? Learn how here for Windows, here for Mac. 

    Once you create a screenshot, uploading your receipt or proof of purchase is simple:

    1. Register for an account if you haven't already, then log in to the customer portal.
    2. Select the plan you wish to upload your receipt for.
    3. Click ‘Upload Receipt’ then ‘Select file.’
    4. Locate the screenshot of your purchase confirmation and click ‘Open.’
    5. Click ‘Upload Receipts Now’ to attach the receipt to that plan.

    Once completed, you can click the ‘View Your Receipt’ link below the ‘Upload Receipts Now’ button to ensure you have uploaded the correct file! If you uploaded the wrong file, don’t worry – simply repeat the steps and upload the correct file to overwrite the receipt we have on file.

    Please refer to your Terms and Conditions for specific details. 

    How can I cancel my plan?

    1. Register for an account if you haven't already, then log in to the customer portal.
    2. Select the plan you wish to cancel from your Plans listings.
    3. Click ‘Cancel Plan Forever’ and we’ll let you know how much of a refund you may receive.
    4. If you would like to continue with the cancellation, click 'Cancel Plan Forever.'
    5. We will refund the appropriate amount to your PayPal account. The refund will come from Federal Warranty Services Corp.

    Where is my tracking number?

    Because we’ll be emailing you your plan – nothing will be shipped or physically mailed – you won’t need a tracking number. Just check your email regularly and you should see your confirmation email soon! If you don’t see your email within 24 hours, get in touch with our service team by calling us at 1-877-273-1738.  

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